Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Euranth's First Batch: Done!

After a few weeks finally Euranth's first batch is done, there will be 2 blanks and 8 painted versions (4 gloss, 4 semi-gloss). The blanks are up for pre-order at (one down, one more to go!), since I need to pay for the header cards and the packaging boxes. The pictures below dont do justice but you get the idea, I will have a better shot before its release date.

Screen Printed Backpatch

Regarding my previous post, I tried to screen print a backpatch and the result is quite good - considering I havent done this for ages. Anyway pre-order (for Euranth blanks only) and first 3 regular order will get free patches, (backpatch or small patch? just wait and see!).

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Custom Jacket

Finally done customizing my own jacket, if you happen to see someone with this jacket just say hello! Anyway I'm thinking to make screen printed patches to be included on Euranth's first batch, but havent decided yet if its going to be small patch or backpatch. Thoughts?