Sunday, February 17, 2013

Resin Prototype

The prototype finally revealed, after 4 weeks of sculpting (on clay) now the prototype has been made to resin. Next stage is making the mold, and then painting the figure.

 Final resin prototype

The head and the legs can be unplugged

Shirt Design

Possible shirt design, based on Euranth's original drawing


adjective \pi-ˈkyül-yər\
  1. characteristic of only one person, group, or thing : distinctive
  2. different from the usual or normal:
    a. special, particular
    b. odd, curious
    c. eccentric, queer
pe•cu•liar is an indie toy company based in Jakarta - Indonesia, inspired by everything strange such as kaiju, myth, legend, surrealism and outsider art. Right now we are working on our first figure Euranth, its a part of Glandastern myth (our own myth). You can safely say that Glandastern is some sort of our first "toy line", but we are hoping to release other figures that not related to the myth under another line. This blog will be used to post updates from pe•cu•liar, you can also visit our instagram @pe_cu_liar and our facebook fanpage for more updates.

prototype sculpting progress, sculpted by little Giant studio

 perspective sketch of Euranth